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Lesbian thumb ring

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I haven't really heard anything else A time capsule is a collection of things—objects, recordings, writings, etc. I wear a thumb ring and a pinky ring, but I've never attributed them to my lesbianism.

But I don't really know if it means anything. Cara mell nude video. I let her march out of the store in a huff. Lesbian thumb ring. If this little book should see the light after its years of entombment, I would like its readers to know that the author was a lover of her own sex and devoted the best years of her life in striving for the political equality and social and moral elevation of women. That person likes anal play - sweet, I might get some! But really, its not the fact that her hair is short that makes us think shes gay, its the fact that shes gay You can tell because he put the number 12 in his post.

But, hey, if you're into that kinda thing, that's cool. Now we know From your description OP she could be gay, but for me its all about the way a girl carries herself. I'm not sure about other countries in Europe, but here in Italy it does identify you as a lesbian. As tickled as I am about this ring business alot of rings only fit on my thumb because I have small handsthis woman has NO right to stop you from going about your day because she believes you should move ANYTHING on your body.

I started wearing a ring on my thumb before I really knew I was a lesbian A tailored vest and tie. Welcome Guest [Log In] [Register]. Outdoor nude porn. She doesn't seem to care that much about clothes. Do you have more to share? Like " Gasp You've removed the ring of gay, you're now cleansed! Reply Parent Thread Link. Every member of the Akatsuki wore a specific ring on a specific finger. A picture of Ellen DeGeneres wearing a crown, sitting on a throne Future lesbians should know that we had a queen, and her name was Ellen DeGeneres.

I don't know if many people actually recognize it as a lesbian marker. I've never heard of the thumb ring thing I had read on one website that many lesbians would wear a thumb or pinkie ring to identify themselves, but the trend by now has caught on, what with people wearing rings on every finger. She did say that I "shouldn't" wear rings on my thumb at one point, which again made me think of a deeply held belief.

Search this Thread Advanced Search. When I was single, I would insure that I gave off the right signals. In the opening scene of the film Juno [where Ellen Page walks down the street] my initial thought was "wait, doesn't she get pregnant in this?

Apr 27, Posts: It's hard to believe that some people haven't heard of the thumb ring though.

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Thu Sep 09, 3: Most of our staff is at A-Camp this week but we'll still have lots of fun content for you! Mess with her and she would sound a warning 'ching' 'ching'. It means she's really private and it's none of your business who she's dating. Hot bikini milf tumblr. Metaxa "Do what now? Same for rings on middle fingers.

I don't think this is a widely recognized thing. DVD box sets of Xena: Jul 24, Posts: But I don't know for sure. But I have no idea about women. LordJosh "Down with Pants! Oh whoops, read that wrong!

We actually ended up sitting at the booth across from them, so I felt uncomfortable the whole time. When I was in Lebanon with Cath a "well-meaning" Lebanese guy stopped me in the street to warn me that in Germany that was a sign of a gasp!

And if she is gay and you are gay and you are both interested then you can write me back and thank me. Lesbian thumb ring. Anyhow - she said one way she knew about me was cos I wear a ring on my thumb!! Don't know why she wears it. I let her march out of the store in a huff.

One girl kept checking you out" I was soo embarrassed Originally Posted by Wembley I'm just confused. Savannah fox lesbian. Jul 28 What items are so key to our history that we would want future generations to know about them? I've heard of the purple string that's mentioned at the top of the comments, and of course the rainbow and triangle Aug 30, Posts: Future generations are unlikely to understand the deep ambivalence the lesbians of today felt for a show that was both groundbreaking and intensely controversial.

Although Ellen experienced a brief career dip as a result of coming out, she found her feet again on daytime talk and for the last 13 years and counting she has ruled daytime television, desensitizing millions of American viewers to the idea of a lesbian on TV with her goofy dancing and unassuming persona.

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I need to know. I have to start wearing one again. I scout for them in return, so precision gaydar comes with the territory. Roma nude videos. My out-of-state girlfriend's cousin told me, and he's fucked up.

Want to add to the discussion? I've heard others talk about "the walk". Same for rings on middle fingers. Hidden cam sister nude Note from commenter Nancy: Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Jul 26 It is supposed to be a sign that a woman is gay yes, but it shouldn't be taken a clear outing sign no.

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Milf group sex photos Thu Sep 09, 1: You excuse yourself and enter the drawing room where you find Elizabeth Bennett, holding a bouquet of violets that she picked just for you. It is currently in a box in my closet.
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