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Actually,their were diva rumors about Raul on Chitty Chitty as well - including him slapping one of the little kids, or something like that.

I thought our dear old papi is cut and hung. Tall asian milf. The Fleet enemas were for his boyfriend at the time, not himself. His mother is from Russia so maybe that's why. Danny pino nude. A DLer observed him buying a bumper pack of Fleet Enemas, so he's fastidious. I'd get into that ass if I could. It's funny how different words mean different things. Ive been with many,and only twice was I surprised. Is Meloni gay or bi? It started as a joke, but he really is turning into a hot cuban daddy. I heard Raul slapped the kid because he burst into Raul's dressing room while he was with a chorus boy.

Damn he makes me horny. Sexy pic milf. Arrested on a nude beach pictures published. No reason to watch SVU now. I also love how hot Raul's ass looks in those suits with suspenders. If he'd just stop smoking, the bags under his eyes would improve far more than what any dermatology treatment could do.

Raul and Danny should do each other. Both are small but Raul is thicker. Oh, but Danny's musky, spicy hole is as it was at 14, and just as sweet-tasting. So, it's Mariska is topping Raul these days? It was discussed on the show. Yup, you're right R R76, does anyone know what his preference is?

I think he prefers the young twink receptionist, who is more reminiscent of Bobby Steggert than I am. No, we will not share your email address with anyone or send you spam. Free ebony lesbian threesome porn. His eyes are beautiful. I'm guessing they're both card carrying members of the Big Dick Club? Night after night, on full display. Darling at r97, Raul was on full display on stage several years ago in The Normal Heart and many of us can testify from first hand experience to the fact that he is, indeed, cut, and quite nicely endowed.

Well Danny Pino is like 6'1" tall, so.

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Skip to about 3 minutes for the scene between Nick and Olivia.

A little off topic, but since it's SVU related I want to ask here: Raul is hot, dado bod or not. Arrested on a nude beach pictures published. Massagerooms com lesbian. James Scott Days of our Lives Arrested on a nude beach pictures published. Kevin Federline American Pie: Maybe he's an exception? His mother is from Russia so maybe that's why. Danny pino nude. Ive been with many,and only twice was I surprised. Like most well hung guys, he's a bossy bottom. Scottish-born John Barrowman has moved back to Britain.

I'm in a panic, well ok, not a panic really, but I need to know R76, does anyone know what his preference is? Danny Pino is cute but not hot. I love Cuban men,and Im related to a good portion of Miami,but darlings,I hate to break your hearts,cuban men aren't usually well hung! Breaking Amish "I had sex with What did she say about him? His proportions make him look average height. He looks great there. Nude pro wrestlers. He does look good! Has appeared nude in various films and magazines.

Here's a better pic. So I guess your choice is based on whether you're a top or a bottom. They've shown him shirtless on SVU and he has a nice little body. Raul I have seen both and Danny is small.

Has he dated anyone famous? I haven't read anything about Pino's penis.

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You can have them both, I want Peter Scanavino to fuck my mouth without mercy. If I had to pick one I'd go with Raul.

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