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Of course they all turn out to be strong women in the end; it was written during that era.

With their clothes on, which apparently means it's oh-so-platonic and sweet. Despite the box-office success of "Waiting to Exhale" it failed to produce a demand for more Upscale Black Dramas! As Nyla prays, Alice attempts to exorcise her with ashes and hot oil, hurting Nyla. Cute girl fuck porn. It's a nice little snapshot of how things looked in ' After being informed of the situation and recognizing Crystal, Kelly becomes visibly upset.

The film's lead cast consists of ten African-American women, seven of whom are based on the play's seven characters, only known by color e. So, Kelly runs off without an explanation. Loretta devine nude. All Perry does is force conventional plots and characters—utter cliches without lives or souls—into the fabric of Shange's literary work.

Tyler Perry's Misunderstood GeniusSalon. If a comedy, I did not laugh. Sweet, platonic, whatever; I think it's pretty horrible. Jo waits impatiently for Carl to return home and it's then revealed that Carl was the man Donald had arrested earlier. Anna nystrom naked. I read some of the other comments comcerning this movie. Similarly, Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly comments: I got an opportunity to see Waiting To Exhale for the second time recently, the first time shortly after it came out, and now now.

While this movie truly is bound to be more appealing to women than men, it is a touching story of four best friends. Yasmine also receives flowers, from Bill, and is visited by Tangie, who came by to pay the three hundred dollars for Nyla's college fees.

The movie is okay, mediocre might even be the word to describe it. Crystal shows up for work, having been running late and informs Jo that her 9 o'clock appointment has arrived, despite it already being 10 o'clock.

Thandie Newton delivers as a troubled, selfish sex addict. Instead it was a more Upscale drama. The movie is, therefore, while old and not a break down the door to see event, worth the watch She tries to calm their fears by telling them a story about how she met her first husband "Toussaint". February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Yet, if you pay attention, even this character is not completely innocent.

Unfortunately, in the end, the movie is a repetitive drone. So I finally got around to watching "Waiting to Exhale" on Encore the other night and I don't understand why this became a hit. I really liked this character, and I felt for the trials she was going through. Nude over 30 women. In retrospect, are there any roles that you regret?

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However, as we must acknowledge the less moral men of our society, this movie also portrays that good decent men are not a figment of our imagination. It's a very, very, very bad soap opera. Girls hostel fucking videos. She goes into the morgue to look at his body one last time, before slapping him and then leaving. Loretta devine nude. I guess that any man who isn't married is a loser to Whitney.

And personally i thought that this movie was greatly misinterpreted. This movie is filled with sweet moments, great laughter, and maybe some tears. Now, let me be the first to say that I did enjoy seeing a group of strong black women portrayed onscreen. Each woman is represented by a color: Share your thoughts below.

Madea Tyler Perry Studios. She was little more than a tearaway that slept around and made dumb choices. Girl smokes cigar with pussy. At Nyla's going away party, all the women gather to celebrate. Retrieved February 14, Angela Bassett, Whitney Houston, Lela Rochon and Loretta Devine, as well as the supporting cast, are all talented and do commendable jobs. The story was supposed to be about feminine friendship, and all the complications that go with it.

His character was a decent, good man and I'm glad this was addressed in the movie. Subscribe To The Magazine Plus, receive digital access and a free gift with your purchase! She then deduces that Nyla is pregnant, but Nyla denies this. Sweet, platonic, whatever; I think it's pretty horrible. This movie might have been better with a female director, as Forest Whitaker didn't "tell this story" properly at all. The other women come out to join them, including Crystal, as the women talk about the value of their love "My Love Is Too" and share their experiences with men's apologies "Sorry" cont.

The film depicts the interconnected lives of ten women, exploring their lives and struggles as women of color. Natalia starr lesbian. The acting was great although Whitney Houston still seems mediocre. It was like drinking a cup of coffee presented to you with way too much sugar. And in response to one respone that i read. Unlike the Hood movies "Exhale" did not have a plot that revolved around: That night, Kelly is unable to sleep, feeling guilty for not taking Crystal's children away sooner because she had to see the doctor about her infertility.

Unfortunately Terry MacMillan allowed the project to get too commercial, thus compromising her craft! She comments that Perry's modern plot conflicts with the narrative of Shange's poetry which was written during the s, explaining: Actress Loretta Devine gets real about race and sex in the Dirty South, and gives us her take on her ever-evolving career Essence.

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