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Then, after the fight was over, the throngs of drunken whackos in. Redtube ebony big tits. A dude on a motorcycle goes by our camp, and he was completely naked. About halfway through the week the stress got to me, and I got pretty sick with a sore throat and fever and whatnot.

We got chocolate-vanilla swirl soft serve, then got the hell out of that pretentious atmo to enjoy our dessert in the more interesting and less suffocating confines of the neighboring Greyhound Bus Depot.

Then this one big fat preacher lady got up and sang, and everyone threw cash at her like we were at the Spearmint Rhino. Anyway, this guy lives down in Boulder City, a small town near the Hoover Dam on the outskirts of Vegas.

My sleep was as shitty as ever once I left the safety of my own bed, and my old-lady schedule…I think the only reason I was sleeping well was that I had a routine and a quiet, dull life. Sturgis naked pics. It turned out to be pretty fucking awesome! He showed me photos of his toy hauler, his pontoon boat, and photos of each one of his bazillion quarter horses, along with helpful biographical commentary on each of them.

Anyways, working in a liquor store was hardly the least of my worries. One of the other girls had a urinary tract infection, and was thinking of bailing early to go home.

We were nursing hangovers from the previous night's festivities, just playing cards and drinking coffee. Needless to say my hubby went over to the truck beat on the window wear there were passed out and told them to move their Fing truck. Craig had mentioned that the owner of this particular saloon was on the conservative side, and besides, Blondie who has worked a LOT of biker gigs said in her experience, bikers appreciated a gal who was more modestly dressed — all innocent-like, ya know?

Made for a great pic though. Lesbians play rough. Did you know that three of those guys are avid bikers. I wish I would have woke up to see this! Kane beats the shit out of her private clients…and also shoots videos for her FemDom website, which was why I was there. Jennie was born and raised in the Rapid City, South Dakota area. But the worst thing I missed out on because of sobriety was this anti-alcohol PSA a friend got me cast in. What follows is a short photo essay of things seen at the event.

Wet pussies and mustache rides….? I was like whoa now that's some funny shit because you could see this lil smirk on their faces!!

Blondie and I were pretty quiet and kept to ourselves — we were working most of the time, anyway. But there were more than ever before. As it happened, our Black Hills sightseeing day was kind of foggy and rainy…which was perfect for our zombie-like state of half-awakeness.

Feel free to tell us in the comments! We were standing right next to it and thought nothing of it. Harnesses, strung with miniature leather-bound books, captivated about their waists; bizarre versions of the book charms afraid from their necks; they captivated traditional, boxlike bargain Prada Replica hanbags uk in their hands, had smaller, wallet-sized accoutrements blind on attenuate straps from their shoulders, and crossbody saddlebags adequate top on their hips.

Either way, the later it got, the more wasted everyone got, and we made our best money between the hours of 10pm-1am. Are these redneck drinks, or what?!?!?! ALL roads lead to Sturgis.

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This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged knuckle saloon shot girlknuckle saloon sturgismodels working at sturgissturgissturgis babesworking at sturgis. My job was different — I was the shot girl, so my gig was to carry a tray of Wet Pussies or Mustache Rides or some other salaciously-named mixed-alcohol shots around, and try to sell them to the already drunken revelers.

We actually ended up getting along really well and having a ton of fun — well, at least I did. Nude black women only. Made for a great pic though. I was like whoa now that's some funny shit because you could see this lil smirk on their faces!!

There had to be other people like me who enjoy the freak show, right? Maybe this was just an off night, but it was kinda rough.

Don't have an account? May 21, 5: A few 'undesirables' staged sex shows behind backlit canvases while others poured and lit gasoline across the highway in front of the City Park. Luckily it didn't end in anything further or complete full on fight or anything. Can it be done?

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Wanna get some Rally ink? I made room for others by sitting on my husband's lap, facing him. Get breaking news sent instantly to your inbox. Please login first in order for you to submit comments. That was some skanky bitches you had the pleasure of staying with, married and pregnant…. I love the last pic of you and your foot.

That, unfortunately was better than the dirty condom stuck to my tent when I packed up. Nude famous singers. Sturgis naked pics. I had to get pretty creative with some of the shit they had me sell. This time, we were able to sleep in since Craig had to work…and then around 5pm he took us into Rapid City to. Desert Secrets Bucketlist Donate Contact. But the best thing going on in Boulder City is that none other than Sandy Nelson lives down there.

See it at, Junction Ave. It was actually awkward as fuck — he picked the other girls up the same time as Blondie and me, at the end of our shift at 1am, and then really lit into them on the ride home. Thanks for the laughs, i will check out your other stuff as well! This one drunken redneck told me to whip his friend, so I did — but when the friend turned to look at me with a delighted grin, I saw that the whole right side of his face was swollen up from being punched — he was one of the fighters!

Aside from that, I know a few other random Vegas people who will be at the rally — another friend will be operating a zipline out at one of the campgrounds, and another chick I know will be dancing at one of the saloons.

I ended up putting together a winning ensemble of cowgirl hat, pleather bra, scrunch-butt panties and assless chaps over Frankenhooker boots…which along with my riding crop gave me the appearance of.

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Oral sex between lesbians Abounding of these could be customized for an added euros or so with pick-your-own bizarre straps. My sleep is a thousand times improved thank you brain training; buy some today!!! In front of the Knuckle Saloon, where I worked all week.
Sexy anime girls peeing Facebook Twitter Email Print Save. Cottontail Ranch Abandoned Brothel: Now, I also spent some time hanging with another teetotaling friend this week — a new acquaintance I met on the set of this local roundtable discussion group I filmed last month, a rocker dude who used to be in a famous metal band with one of the greatest guitarists of all time.
Marathi nude women Are these redneck drinks, or what?!?!?! Exploring an Abandoned Brothel:

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