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But I have deep seated mommy issues so I practically don't count for a vote. Whoever wins will be on the cover of "Vogue Fashion" and pose with our Number 1 sexiest Naruto boys model, Kakashi Hatake on our next cover! Being kinda whiny in Naruto, she stepped up her game in shippuden, getting her some more fans.

We need some sexy dlc either way tbh. Hot nude girls having sex. Some men told me she is perfect wife material, as well as very sweet and beautiful at the same time. Love you shizune you're the best and your so beautiful Gay.

She's a girl who has flaws and fell in love with a bad guy. Sexy naruto girls. Thank goodness she didn't win top Vogue, or else Shikamaru would have to see her pose with another man! If she had shown a little bit more skin in Naruto, I'm sure she would have been higher on this list. Beauty, Brains, and Brawn Kunoichi: Sign up for free! She is fierce, beautiful, and in control. Gundress03 cr points Send Message: She is so cute and beautiful!

Btw, created because the old one was closed. Top 15 Hot and Sexy Naruto Gir Forgot your username or password? An angry Hinata and Tsunade works, too. Nudes being fucked. Kushina is the mother of the titular character Naruto. I want her has my wife. All the others are beautiful too but none of them are as good as her.

Konan, a loyal friend till the end. Temari is likeable in so many ways, looks definitely. Naruto has thankfully not skimped out on that over the years. I though kishi was a pervert, what happened to that?

In general, series like this really need to respect are past purchases of the content through an older installment also. And did u see how her eyes shine! Many men also commented that they liked her for her breasts, as others liked that she could be cold and calculating yet be cold at the same time.

All we see from her is her face and still thousands of guys a day jerk their gerk to her lol, I've no doubt if we saw the rest of her body she would be way hotter.

She has awesome strength and a cheery personality.

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But I voted Sakura for a reason. This time its top 20 Naruto females, so have fun!

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Enjoy this epic revival of our beloved shinobi! Report to Moderator IDK. South african black escorts. I think Sakura is beautiful and not just because of her body and boobs. Their is a lot to say about this character. It shows that behind her beauty is amazing Move Sakura down and move Mei up.

Her weapon of choice is a giant fan that allows her to fly, shoot wind, or smack people since it is a person-sized iron stick. I love how she look up to Hinata Hanabi just a child but they really cute It's so creepy and messed up that people voted for her and Himawari. Sexy naruto girls. After these hot Naruto girls in the image above finish their hot barbecue, they will show you something else that you will consider just as hot. But r real she is so hot vote Karin people.

Many men have commented on her "big boobs" I'm sorry that was the majority of what I was told: She is just so perfect! Sasuke's mom lmaooooo 6. She has cool hair, better than Karin. Big tits sex asian. Girls don't need silky long hair to be beautiful!

Come on now, she needs to be way higher than this. She proved that when she saw the "Sexy boy: Though she is a supporting character, Shizune is still too devastatingly beautiful to not make our list of hot Naruto girls. Anko Mitarashi, the sadistic psycho sensei, who is still somehow sweet. She is just pure beauty To be honest I think she should be higher on this list.

She has the ability to spit acid, in both liquid and mist forms, with varying degrees of potency. I love her sass U gotts be kidding me she is so hot! She's a nice girl, so you gotta love her anyway! Report to Moderator am back, huh. Sorry but a girls face plays a large part in whether or not they are hot, not just the body, and Hinata's eyes are just

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Definitely the best one out there V 26 Comments. I see why Minato went after her. Kaguya Otsutsuki, an aggressive women who has the heart of a soldier. Blacklesbians eating pussy. On top of that she is a crystal user! Plus, in the show, she's not useless like Karin or Sakura. Kris kardashian nude pictures Sexy naruto girls. Though stern in battle, Temari also has a softer side and often shows care for others. She has a nice body and her hair is striking. In every loss, in every lie, in every truth that you'd deny And each regret and each goodbye was a mistake too great to hide.

Forgot your username or password? Sorry but a girls face plays a large part in whether or not they are hot, not just the body, and Hinata's eyes are just Thank goodness she didn't win top Vogue, or else Shikamaru would have to see her pose with another man!

She is just so perfect! Her funny dunk attitude and ability to be relatable helps even more! Mabui is often seen as a simple office woman, often wearing a pencil skirt and blazer.

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